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Invest in London

London has one of the oldest property markets in the world, with a combined value of almost £1.9 trillion. As a global economic hub, the city continues to experience huge demand and massive undersupply, making it one of the most popular investment locations for UK and international investors.
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The oldest property investment market in the UK.

London is one of the most densely populated cities in the UK, with over 8 million people calling the city home, a figure that has grown by over a staggering 620,000 people in the last decade alone.

Whilst more affordable regional cities around the UK are becoming more popular with investors on a national and international stage, London still offers investors with bigger budgets strong investment returns. With property prices expected to rise a further 21% by 2026, and rental growth expected to grow by 14% in the same period, for investors that can afford to invest in London, it is a very lucrative opportunity. 

The city at the heart of the UK economy, with a value of over £500 billion.

Canary Wharf

With the growth of major modern industries in the city, it is predicted that an additional 800,000 jobs will be created in the capital by 2030 to meet the service demands of the jobs market.

While the London property market may have taken a temporary hit in recent years post pandemic, the size of the population and the huge undersupply of property in the city will always fuel a buoyant investment market. The city centre market is leading the way in terms of market growth, with projected growth of over 20% by 2026. 

In real terms, rents in London are also the highest in the UK, with the average rent in the city reaching over £2,250. The inner city regions are even higher, with rents over £2,600 per month. Even for investors buying with a mortgage, the possible returns are still very attractive. 

Long-term demand and huge undersupply.

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The London property market is one of the longest-established and most robust in the world. 

With over 8 million people living and working in the city, there is a constant stream of demand from the UK's ever growing rental market. What's more, the city's population is growing year-on-year, London will always be an attractive opportunity for investors looking to long-term returns and capital appreciation. 

Fuelling the growing population of workers in London are the city's world-class universities, attracting the best and brightest talent on a global scale. UCL, Imperial College and King College are ranked among some of the top higher education institutions world-wide. With University accommodation in short-supply, or only available to first year students, there is additional demand from those studying across the city. 

A high value market
A combined property market value at almost £1.9 trillion.
High graduate retention
Over 40% of students who study in London, stay after graduation.
A growing population
London's population has grown by 620,000 people in the last decade.
A long-established market
London has been the trusted choice for investors for decades.

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