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During the past decade, Liverpool has transformed its fortunes, merging the famous Liverpudlian determination and independence with a new wave of entrepreneurship, quite literally changing the landscape of the city.


Liverpool is now regarded as a thriving cosmopolitan city, recognised just as much for its prosperous business success and football as it is for its creative and colourful young professionals.

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Property prices in Liverpool are appreciating more quickly than any other major UK city. Investors looking for property with the best capital growth and highest net rental returns should definitely consider Liverpool as an investment destination. 

Significant investment from local government to improve Liverpool's infrastructure has made it an extremely desirable place to live. There have also been considerable regeneration projects within the city totalling over £6bn, which have changed the face of the city and its property market.

With Liverpool city region's visitor economy now worth £4.9bn, Liverpool is the fastest economically growing city in the UK. 


Traditionally low property prices and a variety of new residential developments across the city make Liverpool’s property market a hotspot for investment.


There are many reasons why Liverpool offers such great value for both residents and investors. As is typical with much of the North of England, prices in the city are considerably more affordable than in the Southern England property markets such as London.


Higher Than

London's 3%



Highest in the UK

3rd in UK 

Top 10 Destination


Fastest Growing

City Centre

Increased 181%  between 2002 and 2015 

5th Largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom by GDP

Demand for Investment

The demand for high quality apartments in the city centre and its surrounding docks continues to rise. Not only is quality accommodation needed to house the city’s working professionals, but also its approximate 65,000 student population. Liverpool also forms part of the government’s plans for the Northern Powerhouse Project, which is likely to see demand for property in the city soar even further in the coming years.


The Northern Powerhouse Project intends to link the five northern ‘core cities’ of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield to boost economic growth throughout the North of England.

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