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Short Term Lets Property Investment Guide

The short-term let property market has achieved great success worldwide, and the UK scene is set to grow exponentially in the wake of Covid-19’s social distancing measures. Many people are looking for secluded UK-based getaways and property investors across the country are adding short-term lets to their portfolios.



Short Term Lets Property

Investment Guide

Short Term Lets in Numbers

Short-term let properties have a global value of £137 billion

Yields for short-term lets have great potential, reaching a high of 27.2% in Liverpool last year based on a 50% occupancy rate.

6.6 million business trips were taken in the UK in 2018, with an average length of stay being 5.8 days.

Over 100 million domestic tourist visits occur every year in the UK, with the average length of stay being 3 nights.

The amount of London properties on Airbnb has soared from 20,000 to over 80,000 in the last 5 years.

Metropolitan areas are hotspots for short-term lets. Liverpool, London, Edinburgh, Manchester & Birmingham are the top 5 regions in the UK.

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