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  • 7% returns through long-term rentals

  • 12% returns through short-term rentals 

  • Parking available



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  • 6% NET returns

  • 10 year rental guarantee

  • City centre location




Investing in

Bradford is an up-and-coming destination property investors shouldn’t ignore.  Bradford is showing potential for being the next city you should invest your money into with relatively cheap property prices, high tenant demand, and strong yields.

Bradford is the perfect city for everyone. It is full of fresh  countryside, restaurants, bars, and bistros, you will be spoilt for choice.

The economy has performed strongly in the past, it is the strongest in the North East region. Estimated to be around £9.5bn. This makes it the eighth largest in the UK and the third biggest in Yorkshire.

Bradford is a city that blends the West Yorkshire rural scenery perfectly with urban living. The affordable living conditions and an enterprise-driven economy is a huge winner across all residents. With a huge amount of funding being poured into the city, now is the perfect time to invest into the city. 

Prices are steadily growing, they experienced a 4% increase between 2020-2021.

Transport development will put Bradford at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

Huge regeneration project coming to the city.

Bradford-based companies employ over 250,000 people across the UK.

Properties in Bradford are typically a third of the cost of like for like comparisons in London, and frequently lower than Leeds.

Stand Out Location

for Investment

The city alone is a promising prospect for your next investment with the city contributing to around 15.4% of the total growth within the Leeds City Region.

Bradford has a population of more than 531,000 which makes it the 4th largest metropolitan authority in England. The city is dedicated to investing in its resdients and has a plan in place to get over 20,000 into work, increasing the potential for buy-to-let investments.

The low average property prices and strong rental market mean good yields for landlords in the Bradford area. It was listed in the top 10 best buy-to-let areas in the UK!

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