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Birmingham is known as the UK’s second city for good reason. It has the largest population outside of the nation’s capital and is thriving as a hub for professional services. Global businesses such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and PwC have relocated their UK headquarters to the city, sparking further interest from domestic and foreign investors.

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Broak Oaks


  • Stuidos, 1-2-3 bedroom options

  • Completion Q1 2022

  • 20% on exchange 80% on completion




Arden Gate


  • Stuidos, 1-2-3 bedroom options

  • 7% Return for 2 years

  • Gym, 24 Hour Reception



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Birmingham in Numbers

Birmingham has a population of 1,073,045, one of the largest populations in the UK. It’s predicted to reach 1.3 million by 2039.

The city also has one of the youngest and culturally diverse populations in the country. 40% of Birmingham is under 25-years-old and 33% of inhabitants are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Business has grown exponentially in recent years. The amount of active businesses in the city has increased by 13%, which is 3x the UK growth rate.

Birmingham has one of the strongest economies outside of London worth £28.1 billion.

House prices have felt the benefit of capital growth. In the last year, prices rose by 6.6%. Rental yields average out between 5 and 6%.

There are five universities in Birmingham playing host to 80,000 students.

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